CloudFoundry on DreamCompute?

I would like to test out CloudFoundry on top of the DreamCompute Openstack version.

Has anyone tried this out?
Can this be done without BOSH?

I noticed that Heat is not a part of the platform.
Is this by design?

I’ve not yet tried CloudFoundry on DreamCompute. In theory it should work since it’s supposed to work with OpenStack. I’ll let others chime in with their experience.

We have not deployed Heat as we’ve been focused on the basics - compute, storage and networking. We are planning to include it in the future and we’re doing some early testing with it now.

Matt Reider here - Product Manager for Cloud Foundry. I was a Dreamhost customer a long time ago, and I was excited to learn about Dreamcompute and join the beta program.

I am curious why you wouldn’t want to use BOSH? It would certainly make your life a lot easier. I can collaborate with you on it if you’ll forgive my lack of depth on OpenStack (I have been working with vSphere and AWS for a few years).


I’m just learning about Cloud Foundry, etc, so I did some reading. Would this be what you’ve mentioned regarding using BOSH to install CF on DreamCompute?