I activated Cloudflare on several of my sites. I am having some redirection loop problems but one serious issue is that one of my most important sites is displaying a non related site of mine but still shows the original URL. Even the admin login page shows the unrelated site. Any ideas???



The most common issue we have seen is that there is a redirect on your server causing an issue (DreamHost can help).

Say you had something like to before, then you activated the option that created a to, then you’re basically creating an infinite loop (the CloudFlare way, at least to have the root domain cached, would be to have only the to forward).

"most important sites is displaying a non related site of mine but still shows the original URL"
This seems unusual & sounds like a configuration issue you should have Dreamhost check.


DO NOT ACTIVATE CloudFlare “yet”, I think he is still in Beta stage !!
I was tested on my several websites, I was accessed all my websites from Europe with 80MB download bandwith speed, all my websites are hosted on DreamHost company and what I found?

LoL, DreamHost have more powerfull bandwith than CloudFlare… with CloudFlare i have problems without CloudFlare I am happy :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. Sorry because I can’t test from US! Only from EU!

Again DreamHost amaizing us!
DH power …rulllzz! :slight_smile:


What are you using to test? Since we have multiple datacenters in EU, it would be very unusual for us to slow a site down at all. In addition, please keep in mind that caching will take several days or so to build out.


Hi damon, i am getting this error just out of the blue :
Host Not Configured to Serve Web Traffic

and i just keep persisting with a refresh and it goes through. I’m not sure if that is the same issue the person before was having.


That error message generally only occurs when you first activate (first request to site) and then goes away. Does clearing your browser cache and cookies make it go away? What’s the URL you’re getting this on?


The site Im currently working on isn’t live yet, but i tested it out for two days (with no change to the content), the occurrence happens roughly twice a day. The site isn’t under load, it just happens out of the blue even when no changes are made. I give it two to five minutes then it seems to be fine. I just don’t want that to be occurring when the site actually goes live. The address for the website is


Is this only happening an admin URL for the site? Have you cleared your cookies and cache? Wondering if this is a browser caching issue.


It could be a Cache / Cookies issue.
Ive cleared it several times and try access the site outside of admin during when its doing this and the same issue still occurs. Its strange. Could be something to do with how the CMS caches which is conflicting with the cloudflare methods. I’m not sure, ill look into it and see if it turns up anything. (Note: Im using concrete 5 on the backend). If i find anything ill keep you posted as its probably something small (and i know how hard it is to keep a wrap on every little thing that goes on). Thanks for monitoring Damoncloudflare, appreciate it.


Hmm…you might want to contact Dreamhost if you’re still getting that 1004 error message. We can then work with them if they can’t see what the issue is. I have seen some issues if you keep turning the service on and off in the DH admin panel & this really isn’t a caching issue per se.


No Worries,
Ill open a support ticket and see if they can help figure it out. Thanks Damonclouodflare :slight_smile: . Ill post back if the dreamhost guys figure out something.


Sure. What we think is happening:

  1. It could be a temporary issue, such as one of their datacenters or ours having an issue, so it is temporarily causing an issue connecting to DNS or your server.


A couple of quick CloudFlare items of interest:

Paid CloudFlare plans (Pro or above) can now customize CloudFlare error pages.
Note: Not available to Dreamhost Plus.

We have released a Single File Purge option.

New datacenters have gone online in both Atlanta and Sydney, Australia.

More on the way for new datacenters (a total of nine should be coming online very shortly).


Just posting a couple of quick CloudFlare updates here because this thread deals with CloudFlare:)

We have added additional datacenters in the following locations:

Warsaw (Poland)

Stockholm (Sweden)

Prague (Czech Republic)

Vienna (Austria)

Toronto (Canada)

Support for SPDY is now available to paid CloudFlare plans.


Updating this thread because a number of CloudFlare users are on this and I want to make them aware of a CloudFlare phishing threat. If you receive an email like this, please contact us at

(do not reply or click on any links if you receive the email).

Dear client, costumer (has user in it)

Domain account ( has exceeded the limit load available for the existing pay rate plan.

Methods of load analysis and elimination :
(URL removed for obvious reasons)

In order to prevent your account from being locked out we recommend that you change the existing rate plan onto a more powerful one or limit the server load by means of code optimization.


Just a quick note to CloudFlare users on this thread that we have launched a 2-Factor Authentication feature that you can use to add additional protection to your CloudFlare account. Details here: