Cloudflare, WP, and the recent outage

In light of the recent outage, I am wondering if anyone on a VPS with Cloudflare activated can share how Cloudflare performed?

I’m running WP and I have fiddled with Cloudflare on and off for several months (starting around October last year) and I am so very frustrated with it. It all looks fine but 1 or 2 days after Cloudflare is activated, my site starts displaying the standard Cloudflare screen that site is down and they don’t have yet a cached page to display. I understand that it takes time to build the cache but this happens when the site is actually up and running just fine. All gets back to normal once I disable Cloudflare. I enable and disable it every now and then hoping it’ll work but no luck so far.

For this, I’m curious to know if Cloudflare did work for as intended during this ungodly outage, for anyone running on WP?

Cloudflare provide 100% uptime if you pay $200 per month per website.

Thanks, I’m aware of the “guaranteed 100% uptime” for the Business plan on Cloudflare, what I’m challenging is how it works to start with and the fact that every single time I turn it on, about a day later (presumably when caching is completed) it starts reporting pages offline.

I’m unconvinced that it actually works as stated.