CloudFlare or reliability


The main reason I’ve been a long time user of DH services is their reliability. DH is reliable.

I don’t care if my site loads a second or two slower with DH or that they (DH) don’t support everything that all the other hosts support - that doesn’t matter.

To me, the simple concept of reliability is PARAMOUNT!

Then I made a really stupid mistake, I clicked on the CloudFlare box. After visiting my site at random times over the last couple of months I’ve got the following error message:-

[quote]Host Not Configured to Serve Web Traffic
You’ve requested a page on a website ( that is on the CloudFlare network. Unfortunately,…[/quote]

This morning, just before going to a meeting to promote my business, I checked my site and it was down and showed the above error.

I went to the DH control panel and unclicked CloudFlare, within minutes my site was up and running again. CF sounded like a great idea in the beginning, but unfortunately it doesn’t work.

Has anyone else had any luck with it? Or is the problem just me?

Thanks folks.


DH & some good caching = super responsive site.



You should contact us with the FULL error message. We can check this out on CloudFlare’s end & then work with Dreamhost to fix.

Note: The error message generally means having troubles connecting to the DNS server. If there was a temporary issue with a DNS server, or from our end, then this might appear.