Cloudflare & mod_cloudflare on shared hosting



I received the Cloudflare email, but am hesitant to test it out since it will obscure client IPs unless mod_cloudflare is installed. Can anyone clarify if this is installed on shared hosting or not?

Would anyone like to share their experiences using Cloudflare on Dreamhost servers?


I read somewhere that they have workarounds for proxied IP logging. Don’t use it myself, but check their FAQs.


Well, yes, the workaround is to install mod_cloudflare. However, I don’t know if this is installed on Dreamhost shared hosting environments where mod_cloudflare is installed.


mod_cloudflare should be loaded on all DreamHost servers right now, so that shouldn’t be a problem.


Thanks. Definitely a fascinating tool. I’m trying out the Pro version on two of my key sites.


Thanks for the info, andrewf. I’ll give it a shot.


OMG! CloudFlare from DreamHost is awesome!
I am from Europe and I have 90% of my websites in US. Why? LoL because DreamHost is in US :slight_smile: and now with CloudFlare all my users are more than happy!
LongLife DreamHost & CloudFlare!


Thanks! Definitely let us know if you have any questions at all.


Hello Damon. I’ve read your posts over at XenForo. :slight_smile:


I get around:)


Yeah. You have a great deal over there – posting all over the place with a paycheck. :smiley:


Pays the bills:) Or most of them…


Well, don’t get in over your head. Those big BMWs also use lots of fuel. :smiley:


More of a Subaru guy. Inexpensive & built to stay that way :wink:


Honda Accord. It was a huge deal for us coming out of the great recession; we considered a Kia Optima, but credit was tighter. Honda was giving 'em away, almost. :slight_smile:

However, in fairness, Honda has better steering and more comfortable front seats than an Optima. Kia needs to do a little work on both.


Nothing wrong with a Honda. Super reliable and almost always lands on a best list yearly.


It’s the only car I’ve had that offers decent voice recognition for handsfree phone calls. I had a couple of pretty expensive cars here (pre-recession) with onboard systems that struggled to understand basic English. And i’m a radio broadcaster. :slight_smile:


Sorry to announce you but I have 70-80 MB alocated for download on my ISP (Internet Service Provider) and what I found?

  • Without CloudFlare I don’t have delay for my websites, I mean fast loading withou CloudFlare.
  • With CloudFlare activated I saw a fast loading ONLY for my websites with WordPress platform.
  • With CDNJS & ScrapeShield i have slow loading for my webpages.

Finally I was deactivated CloudFlare for all my websites.
*Sorry for my english language but is not my native language (I am from EU). Ty

LongLife DreamHost! :wink:
And remember more TBits bandwith = more power (NOT CloudFlare or another special engine for caching.)

Btw. Google PageSpeed is awesome too.

For now I use only PHP 5.3 and PageSpeed from Google (without CloudFlare) and is good on a Shared Hosting. :slight_smile:

Maybe in future will be awesome if DreamHost will create a class in admin area with a SMARTY class for FAST caching !!


That doesn’t really make sense. Smarty is a PHP templating class, not magic — we can’t make your web applications start using it automatically.

It is nice, to be sure, but it’s not a silver bullet.


As to pagespeed, other than the bugs (it seems they update the thing every other day), and the fact that DreamHost has deployed an older version, I do not find any material impact on the performance of my various sites with that tool. And the glitches, the way it harms the look of some of the graphics on my sites, makes me feel it’s just not ready yet. Maybe if DH upgrades to newer versions.