Cloudflare + Dreamhost subdomains, and non DH origin

Hi guys,

So this might be a little confusing, hoping someone will be able to help me sort this out.

I have the following set up: – DNS and content hosted by Dreamhost, CNAMED to Cloudflare for CDN purposes. This is currently working fine.

I want: – DNS hosted by Dreamhost, pointed at a Linode VPS, CNAMED to Cloudflare for CDN purposes.

Currently, this has an A record to Linode. Which works, but it doesn’t take advantage of Cloudflare CDN.

How can I take this subdomain and have it point to a Linode origin but also set it to use Cloudflare from Dreamhost’s DNS management?

And eventually I’d move the to the same set up, but at the moment the domain is fully hosted with Dreamhost how would I change the DNS settings to point to a Linode instance? Thanks. I would keep DNS management with Dreamhost if possible, I’d rather not move it, just the content to Linode.

Let me know if I can clarify anything, thanks.

I think if any of your sites are to be run through cloudflare that aren’t actually hosted at DreamHost, you’ll have to untick that little “Enable CloudFlare on this domain” at dreamhost, and have CloudFlare handle all the DNS directly, that way you can point the backend connections wherever you want - some to DH, some to LiNode, etc.

I’m just not sure if the DreamHost Railgun would still work in that case, and anything you change at DH would have to be manually updated at CF…