CloudFlare activation manually or via Dreamhost Panel? What about DNS?



I manage two websites and two domains for myself right now. After I learned about CloudFlare to improve performance and increase security I manually added the first website to CloudFare.

  1. Signed up at for free account at CloudFlare
  2. Added website
  3. Changed DNS at my domain provider (namecheap)

Everything works out. Now I find that I can enable CloudFlare within the Dreamhost Panel (Manage Domain). So I give it a try with my second website. Enable CloudFlare via Dreamhost Panel -> it’s automatically added to CloudFlare. I can actually see it in the CloudFlare Dashboard.


  1. Is there any difference in doing this by myself or activating it via Dreamhost Panel?
  2. If activating via Dreamhost Panel, do I have to still change the DNS settings at my domain provider (or are there some to me invisible redirects)


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