CloudBerry Explorer



As per this post:

I pick Walrus, add my key to Query ID (?) and secret key to secret key, click test connection and I get:

for a minute or 2 and then:



Use as the service point.


Ah! LOL Stupid me.
I use clipboard program and must have had on the list and just used it…



just wanted to let the community know that we have released CloudBerry Explorer freeware with the DreamObjects storage support.

More info on our blog at



I just tried it and while it seems impressive, even the Pro version was dog slow, and no settings that I adjusted seemed to make any difference. I didn’t seem to be able to get anything to transfer in chunks (which may be a DreamObjects limitation) and couldn’t get it above 200KB/sec transfer. Didn’t seem right.


Hmm, 4 hours of trying to upload 4 500MB files, and apparently the CloudBerry Explorer Pro trial crashed at 90% on all of them, leaving hundreds of partial uploads, which couldn’t be restarted, put together or finished.

Methinks it needs some more work to interface with DreamObjects maybe. Or maybe at least a tutorial to weed out what I might be doing wrong. :slight_smile:


Ah, finally success after a full uninstall and carefully tracking down all the pieces and wiping them out and reinstalling.

Speed is better compared to my ISP’s max, and it does upload in chunks. Sadly the DreamObjects interface itself doesn’t see those objects as anything but separate files, so I doubt I can serve them out through php to anyone that way.

I was thinking the multithreads would speed up the upload and then the pieces would be put together on the server, but that is definitely not the case.


I’m having trouble following…

1 - Are you uploading 1 large file, letting the app do multipart uploads in 500MB chunks, and seeing these chunks in the interface after it completes?


2 - Are you uploading 4 individual files of 500MB and anticipating them to be combined after uploading?