Cloud server suddenly unavailable

Hi, I’ve been using DC for a few months now and it’s been working great, I mainly use the server to run a bunch of cron jobs. I noticed today these jobs stopped working. When I tried to SSH into the server, no response at all.

I went onto the dashboard, and it said the server was running. I tried a soft-reboot, after a couple of minutes it said it was running again. However I still cannot SSH in. In fact it’s not even sending ping responses…

Any ideas what’s going on? Is there a problem with DC? Or could my server have suddenly overrun some resource limit? Is there anything I can do, except try to setup another instance? (Stupidly I don’t have any backups)


I don’t see any issues with DreamCompute. Can you submit a support ticket so we can look at your server?

Thanks… I’ve raised a ticket already, just thought I’d ask here too! :wink:

Ok, should be able to get it figured out for you soon then!