Cloud Sandbox

software development


I have received a request to build a ‘sandbox’ for a website hosted by DreamHost. This project allows, among other activities, remote media people to build video segments, upload them, manage them and make them available for remote review.

The ‘sandbox’ resides on a cloud server. Access is restricted to individuals and groups utilizing LinkedIn profiles as membership records and LinkedIn processes for communication. The site manager will allow/restrict access to a member based on their LinkedIn individual or group membership.

There are multiple existing projects and new projects will need to be setup easily; each project has its own access list. Member access to the sandbox will also be controlled according to whether the member is an employee, a contractor or a client – for example, an employee would have upload/download access but a client would only have viewing access and would not have access to the folder containing the original file – only a designated client viewing folder. Each member must have a LinkedIn profile and can access the sandbox from a closed LinkedIn group and from the company website.

The Sandbox will support ftp transfer which is limited according to whether the member is an employee, contractor or client. The sandbox must support transfer and preview of file sizes which frequently exceed 3GB in size including text, pdf, html, php, audio, image and video files.

Will DreamHost support this project?


Not sure what you’re asking here, I’m assuming you mean can a Dedicated Server be setup and use the Sandbox API to do the transfers. The answer is yes. Can you do this on a shared hosting account, doubtful. You can program the DreamHost API to create sFTP accounts if that is your want. Access control would have to programmed in your app and coordinated with the LinkedIn API/SandBox API.

If you’re asking whether DreamHost has a one-click install application with all the bells and whistles in the above spec, then no.