Cloud Documentation Bounty?



After a good amount of soul searching and notes in this forum about VPS, over the holiday I decided to also research DreamCompute. During this time I wrote documentation for myself, which I then formatted into a blog-suitable tutorial.

Last year there was a DH offer to credit an account with a bounty in reward for contributions to the DreamCompute knowledgebase. I believe this new material would fit well there. In my research I’ve gone through everything I could find here in the forum, in blogs, OpenStack forums, and elsewhere. I’ve provided answers to common questions, full explanations, and links which are certain to help kick-start new experiences with DreamCompute.

I’m hoping to submit this to someone like @smaffulli or @justinlund for review and correction, hopefully to get it published, and ideally to get credit on my account for the effort. I’ve written the doc in Google Docs and will provide a link and edit permissions to DH personnel if anyone there is interested. Suggestions?


@Starbuck post the links here, I’ll be happy to review!


Since this is in public, I’m providing read-only access. DH peeps can PM me if desired for edit access for comments and corrections.

Comments here from fellow DreamHosters are welcome.


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