Cloud Control Panel Alpha



We’ve launched the alpha version of a new DreamHost Cloud Control Panel for DreamCompute!

This new interface will eventually replace the existing dashboard that you’ve come to know with one that’s much easier to use. During this test phase our team is focused on simplifying common tasks, removing extraneous components, and creating a smooth user experience.

This is definitely an alpha version - there will be bugs, missing features, and the interface will evolve. Send us your applause and your jeers, tell us what’s working for you and what needs to be improved - we want to hear it all!

Here’s the limited feature set included in the alpha version:
[]Beautiful user interface
]Log in with your existing DreamCompute user/pass
[]View servers in US-East 1 & 2 clusters in one unified interface
]Launch a server in US-East 2 only with the default security group rules (SSH, HTTP/S, ping)
[]Shutdown/restart/pause servers
]Web console viewer
[*]Upload SSH keys (in server launch)
We can’t wait for you to check it out!


The Cloud Control Panel is nearing its official launch. It now has the following new features:

[]Refined server details view
]Predefined and custom port security settings
[]Block storage management
]Password reset

You can log in with your existing cloud username and password. Keep your feedback coming!


Please don’t forget to add the ability to resize instances! I did not see that feature included.