Cloud Compute: Should I Update /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg?

Title pretty much says it all really; I ran some updates today and one was for cloud-init, which prompted me to update /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg. I opted to err on the side of caution and just leave the one I had in place, but what I’m wondering is; does it matter if I update this file on an already configured instance? Should I leave it as-is, or is it better to update to the latest version?

I haven’t made any changes to the file, but it does come from an older US-East-1 setup that I migrated, so I’m using dhc-user as the default user account, rather than ubuntu. I assume that having the file changed to the new default of ubuntu shouldn’t impact my ability to sign in as dhc-user as I do now, but I’m not at all familiar with what exactly cloud-init does; is it just for new instances?

it’s generally safe to accept the changes the upstream package is offering. Things like default user login won’t change.
Assuming you don’t have anything unusual in your cloud-config stuff (user passed in parameters, or something you have modified yourself), it should be 100% safe to accept the upstream package config changes.

Ah, but my default user is different; like I say, this instance was migrated from US-East-1 where the default user used to be dhc-user for all distros, but the default is now ubuntu.

Is accepting the upstream changes in this case still safe?

I should have been more clear: the default user is not affected by changes in cloud-config. The dhc-user user already exists in your system and it won’t be removed by a configuration change.

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