Cloud Compute:setup for burst php/mysql app

Hello everyone, this is a followup to: Burst performance: VPS v. shared hosting

I looked into advice from users and watched my shared hosting server die under moderate testing from – it started to timeout after the first 100 or so requests. It was suggested that I look at the cloud service and I successfully installed a cloud instance, I hope that someone here can tell me a bit more about vps v. cloud configurations.

Specifically, would I be better off running it all under a single cloud server, under dual cloud servers one for php/web and the other for mysql, or running under vps? The only thing that I have to go by is seeing that the connection to mysql in shared hosting is running at:
Uptime: 2375907 Threads: 16 Questions: 1356937228 Slow queries: 27977095 Opens: 80528627 Flush tables: 1 Open tables: 2048 Queries per second avg: 571.123

This is the first time that I have had to care about scaling this service, so any thoughts on the best way to address the timeouts would be appreciated. Is this a question of throttling in the shared hosting mysql service? Am I thinking about this all wrong? Thanks, ck

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