Closing account

I used a promo to get a cheap one year account with Dreamhost. Although I am so far very happy with the service, I probably will switch to another host at the end of this one year because the full price is too expensive for my site.

Can I give notice now when I still have 10 months to go? Or do I wait? If so, for how long?

I am not familiar with US laws but in my country (The Netherlands) you normally would have to give some months notice before you could end a contract.

You can close your account at any time within Panel:

[color=#00CC00]Manage Account >[/color][color=#0000CC] close this account[/color]

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Just set your Billing not to auto-renew. It’s a little different than when I last looked, but it’s in the panel under Billing -> Manage Account.


Thanks, both of you. My account now says: "AutoPay is currently disabled " Is that what you meant?

Yep. That should do it. You’ll probably still get billing notices (at least when your year is up), but your credit card won’t get charged.