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I am a newbee on internet industry. I dont habe enough informations about copyrights/trademarks/licenses on internet.

I try to install a script that i found on a forum. May be this was the illegal material.

So can you please give me my backups to me so i can move my sites to another provider. And i can delete illegal files on it.

Thank you

my account email


Erkan Değerli

Hi Erkan,

This forum is primarily a customer to customer forum, as such it is not the best place to make such a request. If you still have access to the panel, I suggest you submit a request via the ‘contact support’ page in the panel. If you no longer have access to the panel, the contact form linked below may be the best way to contact DreamHost.


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i tried to contact but nobody didnt reply my mail and ticket support :frowning:

I can understand your frustration, but unfortunately there isn’t a lot anyone (well, almost anyone :stuck_out_tongue: ) on the forums can do to help.

How long ago did you send your support request? It can take a day or so for requests to be dealt with.


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i think 4 hours or more and no movement…

im so sad about that…

I think that when you submit a request, it says 24 hours (more or less). You’ll have to wait a bit. Then they can see about giving you access to your files again.


still wating …

support message age: 1 day 1 hour. isnt there anybody at support? or dont want to reply my message :frowning:

I got disabled as well but after a well communication with support team I got my site back online, the total support time less than 2 hours, it’s awesome service!!! the only problem for me to clean up my site to force to user post illegal information or material.

they aren’t doing same thing for me. Im stil wating and promised to clean illegal material quickly. If i wont open i will run away from home because of my family :frowning: said they had a clogup in the support pipeline

They need more support help.
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