Close forum threads after a given amount of time

Currently, forum threads remain open unless they are closed by a moderator. As a result, people are responding to five-year-old threads.

Technology changes and DH offerings and policies change, so it’s rather pointless for everyone, and confusing to noobs, for them to remain open forever.

It might be better if they automatically closed after a year. Thoughts?

This is a perfect example of what I am talking about:

That original post was ten years old when someone responded to it. Their advice probably has nothing to do with the original problem. (Which, if I’m googling correctly, was an issue with the one-click installer on DH’s end.)

I’ve actually just deleted all the posts by that user. Every one of them was copied verbatim from some other source on the Internet; as far as I can tell, there was not a single original word among them. (For instance, their reply to the thread you linked to was actually a direct quote from the WordPress installation manual!)

Regarding closing old threads: I’m considering it; either that, or moving them to a locked “archive” section of the forum. There are occasionally good replies to old threads, though, and I’d hate to lose that.

I think just locking everything that’s over X months old is good, that way they stay in the sections they pertain too… rather than be lumped into one giant archive. Norton used to do that for all threads with no new response in 60 days (they may still, I don’t read there anymore, they changed forum software last fall so it could be different now). It raised an occasional question about why, but for the most part it was pretty much understood why. There was a post that explained the procedure and why it existed.

One thing I’ve always wondered if: If we use the “report” button to flag something do you see those? In the past I’ve gotten the sense that “reports” are routed to /dev/null so for the most part I quit flagging…

Yes! I do see reports. Please report anything you see that’s concerning.

If a user posts a whole series of spam posts, though, you don’t need to flag more than one of them. I’ve got tools to nuke the whole lot at once.

True, I hadn’t thought of that. But sometimes new people are confused by outdated information in older threads. I’m not new, but that still happens to me, because dates are not very noticeable.

Perhaps there is a way to add a message at the top of older threads, like in WikiMedia. Something that says “Caution: This thread is over a year old. Some or even most of the information here may no longer be relevant or accurate.”