Clock moves backwards

The host my domain is assigned to (burns) has some very annoying clock issues. If I repeatedly run the unix date program, the time jumps around (and even moves backwards!). The following python program best demonstrates the problem (On burns, at least)

import time
while True:
old = time.time()
new = time.time()
print new - old

(the lines following while True: should be indented, but this forum can’t handle spaces).

It is expected that you should see ~0.5 printed on each line. However, I see values such as 2.29, and -1.29. This is causing big problems in my application, which relies on tenth-of-a-second precision, something that should be attainable with the time function

Then stop doing that. :wink:

It’s a server configuration problem support can fix. Put in a request.
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