Cloaks & mirrors



I just took over a few websites for a client who has them hosted on dreamhost which is new to me. He has 3 domains but it seems like someone did a bunch of mirrors and cloaks adn i cannot figure out how to simply connect via ftp to his main website.

What seems like it would be a simple thing is not!

He has a main website, then 2 other ones: &

I want to redesign the site
BUT in the domain admin with the account, it says: is cloaked:

there are also 2 other sites listed as: - says it’s fully hosted - says it’s mirrored to:

Those seem to be testing sites??? At this point, i just want to connect via ftp to I made a new ftp user and am seeing no files.

Can anyone suggest some ideas here? I would really like to simplify this and remove any mirrors or cloaks - but i also don’t want to lose the content. i plan to develop the site in wordpress in a subdirectory while the old site is up until i am ready to make the new live.

thanks for any help!


It looks like is hosted elsewhere at the moment. If you’d like to modify the current site, you’ll need to connect with the credentials given from the current host. If you’d like to start building a test site for it here so that you can point it back to us for hosting eventually, just go to your Manage Domains page and click “Edit” next to

Select the option to “Fully Host” the domain there. There is already a sub-domain set to “mirror” as you can see on the Manage Domains page; this is the sub-domain you can use to view your test site live on our servers before you point it to us for hosting! Everything is pretty much set up for staging already:

If you have any questions, or need assistance with any of this, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly support team: :slight_smile: