Cloaking error for more than 24 hours


I have tried to cloak my site to my for a little while

But I’m stuck in this Domain Cloaking Error, i have tried taking the cloaking down, going back to full host and even delete my old user on full hosting and tried creating a new, but nothing seems to make me go back to normal, for now i just need my FTP access back so i can make the redirect since I’m receiving a lot of interest these days…

Help !


Rune Brink Hansen

Solved, got this from support:

Hello Rune,
Thank you for contacting DreamHost Support. Your dns did not update to
the new fully hosted setup. I was able to get those updated for you:

Configuring dns NOW for domains:
zone(>_save_records : removing A
zone(>_save_records : removing ftp A
zone(>_save_records : removing ssh A
zone(>_save_records : removing www A
zone(>_save_records : adding A
zone(>_save_records : adding www A
zone(>_save_records : adding msn.jabber CNAME
zone(>_save_records : adding ssh A
zone(>_save_records : adding conference.jabber CNAME
zone(>_save_records : adding aim.jabber CNAME
zone(>_save_records : adding ftp A
active count = 1
1 zones to do: — changed, last_serial 2014020400
7 added, 0 changed, 4 removed

Now those need to propagate Please note all/any DNS changes take 4-48
hours to fully propagate. You can check on the dns propagation as sites
like If you have any more questions or
require any more assistance please do not hesitate to ask. We are always
here and happy to help.