Cloak / mirror / EH?

I’m not sure if I can do this. is elsewhere and he was struggling to make it work but want’s to maintain it so I just put up a with wordpress and a base that he can work on and I can just fix and do whatever when it needs it.
I know I COULD have just put the site here but it’s done and I guess I would just prefer to leave it as a subdomain on the remington site.
Can I drop onto the and leave url somehow or do I have to pack it up and move it to yet another dns name and go on top, there’s no like temporary names for this is there if I have to move it?

For any of these tricks to work, you need to be using DreamHost’s DNS for

If he wants to maintain it, create a new FTP user here and give him the password. Then grab his stuff and drop it here, then go to the registrar for and set the DNS to use DreamHost’s name servers.

If you want to leave it as a subdomain of remingtonsociety, again, it’s best if it’s its own FTP user, which is easy to do in the Panel; just Edit that subdomain and change the owner with the Move Files option.

With the DreamHost DNS option, you can Mirror so it shows up as and it will work like magic. No extra work required.


yes I’ll have him point his DNS to dreamhost, have the ftp already, it just wasn’t clear if the “mirror” would still display his original name.

domain that mirrors =
domain to mirror =

It says (A “mirror” of another site’s content; browser URL remains the same.) so I guess that’s right, I just didn’t want to screw it up, thanks!

Remember that you can only mirror a site that’s already hosted here under your account.