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I have a client that does not want their contact info available from registering their domain. So when one goes to and looks up a domain, they can’t see a phone number, street address, email address, etc. Is this cloaking possible?


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Enter false information? Although, this is probably against TOS and will be harder to prove the domains yours for any disupute.

For clients that want privacy we usually register the domain on their behalf. ‘We’ here is an agency.


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No offence, but it’s plain silly for your client trying to “hide” their contact info from the public (unless they are involved in some kind of illegal activities) since their phone number, street address and e-mail are already publicly available via other channels, in case they are not aware of it.

But if they trust you, you may put in your contact info instead; but just to be on the safe side (for your own protection), make sure the registrant’s name is that of theirs.

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Registering the domain via Domains by Proxy is one solution. (

If someone else is willing to be the contact, you may be able to have someone else as the listed contact.

Yes, well, in this case this is an individual who is representing a marketing company, and he doesn’t want to be held libel in the odd chance should something happen to a customer and they want to sue. So obviously, I’m not interested in being the one in the hotseat! Not that there really is, but just in case. Thanks for posting.

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Well this is part of the point of the requirement of having valid contact information for a domain.

Regardless, they can still be sued for libel whether or not the domain has valid contact information. Their webhost would be contacted, and (depending on the merits of the complaint) might have to take action. If the issue went to court, the webhost and / or registrar could be served with a supoena to provide the identity of the customer.

Thank you very much ~ this is an excellent lead… WA

[quote]Regardless, they can still be sued for libel whether or not the
domain has valid contact information. Their webhost would be


Yep, definitely. The best way to avoid getting sued for something is to not do anything wrong. That said, even that doesn’t work 100% of the time. sigh

That said, using a service that allows cloaked domains is more helpful in avoiding spam than anything else. Anyone wanting to sue and/or stalk you is going to be smart enough to find information via alternative means.

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Nothing would stop you from being sued if you did something wrong (as everyone is saying) but if you’re just interested in hiding your contact info godaddy will hide your info for a couple of bucks more than their normal registration fees.

Just go to and look for ‘make your registration private’. It looks like they’re having a special right now 9.99.

(and no I don’t work for them.)