Clipbucket site


i want to run clipbucket website on dreamhost vps. but i dont know how to install mp4box, flv tool and php loaders to complete the installation. i have read many articles to connect through ssh but im unable to install it. need help.

no one is here to help or support.

good hosting company.

The reason no one is rushing to respond to you is that your question is far too broad. Ask a specific question and you will get a specific answer.

You might want to begin by explaining what clipbucket is, or at least provide a link to it. There’s no way that people are going to do tons of research because you haven’t provided that.

Beyond that, list which articles you have read, which techniques you have used to try to install these items, and which error messages you have gotten. The support you get from a support forum is only as good as the questions that you ask.

This sounds like your first problem?? Are you actually connecting via ssh? or are you not getting there?

You’ll need to totally customise your DH environment to run all that. It is not a simple task and will take several hours even when you know what you’re doing.