Client Site - HTTP 404 msg


I’m trying to set up my client’s website. We had planned to get her website finished by today, but I have been trying for a while now to get her site up. I put it off while I did finishing touches, but now I need her to approve it and she is out of town.

There is no way for me to contact DreamHost, as far as I can see. Please have someone email me, or at least tell me what I can do to troubleshoot this, I tried to get into the ftp page on dreamhost so that I can log in directly but the link isn’t working on the homepage.

I am using Dreamweaver CS6 and the server is connected just fine, I’ve been able to “put” all the files, etc. but when I go to her site,, I get an HTTP 404 message.

Please help, thanks.

The files for your site are supposed to go into a directory called “”. It looks like you’ve deleted that directory, so the web server doesn’t have anything to display (besides a 404 page).

I’m not familiar with Dreamweaver, but there should be a setting in it somewhere to set a directory to upload to, and it’s probably either blank or “/” right now. Set it to your domain name.