Client ftp

Hi, need to add a client section to a site:

-client needs to download files to review
-agency needs to easily create the client user folder, write to the folder, then allow access to said client

how would this best be implemented? ftp,browser, etc. I was thinking .php, but I do not know it well and need a layout first to check out. Suggestions? thanks

One thing I did was to create a subdomain and setup an FTP site there. Remember, one FTP user per site. You could also use WebDAV.

PHP is another option, but you’ll be limited to files of size 7MB and smaller.

Ok, thanks. That is good info, but I need some sort of web based panel (.cgi?) where I can create a new directory, password protect it, then upload to that directory. I know I can just use the Dreamhost web panel, but this is for the end user, and the other problem is that the url for the client log in must always be the same url (because it is ONE link from an index page), and depending on what user/pass they put in, it takes them to the correct directory. The end user needs read/write access. Does this make sense to anyone? I have seen a ton of these client log ins on sites and I don’t know where to start.