Client ftp

Hi, need to add a client section to a site:

-client needs to download files to review
-agency needs to easily create the client user folder, write to the folder, then allow access to said client

how would this best be implemented? ftp,browser, etc. I was thinking .php, but I do not know it well and need a layout first to check out. Suggestions? thanks

Well if you would like to learn PHP and other coding stuff, go to

I personally have no clue what you said other than that, so I’m sorry but I can’t help.

Best of luck!

G’day, Jetblack.
Does the ‘agency’ refer to a client with uploading privileges, or does it refer to you/the site administrator?

  • marsbar

You might be able to find some useful scripts for that here:

Most PHP scripts I’ve found through that site are fairly easy to install even if you don’t have much PHP experience.