Client FTP Area

I would like to set up a directory(s) and a username and password for clients to be able to ftp files to us. However, I want them to only be able to access the specified directory. I don’t want them poking around everywhere. Can anyone tell me how to accomplish this? Thanks for your time.


All logins via FTP are chrooted to the user’s home directory (i.e., they can’t go outside of it). So you don’t have to do anything special for this.

Can I choose where the user’s directory is located?

For example instead of
/home/ftp user

it would be
/home/domain/some folder/ftp user

Another question: How can I access what the ftp user has uploaded using the main ftp login?

You don’t. You retrieve the ftp user’s password and login as that user. Otherwise you are going to run into ownership/permission problems. Your “main ftp user” is not a “super ftp user”; each user owns the files and directories it creates and gets to decide who else can access them, and no user can override that except for DreamHost staff of course.

That would be a bad idea, if you have /home/domain as a Web Directory for a domain. What you would want to do, is setup the FTP user with


and then make a directory inside it for his web files:


and then remap sub-dir on the domain

http://domain/web -> /home/username/web

The FTP user is a user on the system, and thus there will be files in his home directory that should not be accessible by the web. So this is why you create a subdirectory for his web files and tell the web site to look for files in the subdirectory instead.

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Bit confused. I need to give access to someone to install a forum I am having difficulty with. He needs access to the webfiles and a mysql db with enough permission to write tables to that file. My (albeit shaky) understanding is that the web files are in a subdirectory and I can remap to that directory by that gets its contents from /home/tempUserFTPguy/forum. But if CGI scripts won’t work what about php files? Will they work, and if not then what should I do? How do I give him permisssion to write to the mysql db? Struggling. Thanks.