Client Domain Registration


I have a couple clients that I’m going to be hosting with my main account. now the question is… if I have them register their own domain on dreamhost, how do i then get that over to my account. would they just have to login and change the name servers? or is thier an even simpler way to do this?


Logging in and changing name servers is the simpler way. When they register the domain, it’ll ask which nameservers to use. It’ll default to, etc.

Once you set up a Fully Hosted domain with that domain name, it’ll start using that once DNS propagates.



Thanks for that Scott. also any ideas on deleting db users?



Maybe I’m a bit thick but I don’t see a delete “database user” option. I have used that panel and can manage pretty much anything I need to there… not a total noob… but Im just either blind or something.


Click on the username :wink: