Client cannot see my site?

I’m wondering whether this is a larger issue with Dreamhost - I have a client who cannot see either of the 2 websites I host. The client gets “this webpage is not available” from Chrome and a “server not found” from Firefox.

Both my websites are set up using Concrete5 (though files served outside Concrete5 are not accessible to the client either), and both of them are running through CloudFlare.

Thanks for any info anyone has on whether this is a larger problem with IPs blocked from Dreamhost sites or, well, anything that makes sense :slight_smile:

The error messages indicates a problem with DNS propagation. First thing I would try is disable cloudFlare, that will change the DNS back to direct to the dreamhost server. Wait for propagation and ask the customer to test again. If it works you may be able to just re-enable cloudFlare and see if it breaks it again. It may not, because it’s possible your problem is caused by some DNS that for lack of a better word “got stuck”, turning cloudlfare off and on might just solve the problem. If it does break again, then you will have to figure out what with your setup is conflicting. I’m not up to speed on concrete5 anymore, but the usual drill is disable plugins and possibly dig thru your .htaccess file (if there is one).

Also, to double check DNS, just type nslookup and cmd, and see if it resolves the IP on your site.

Not sure on how your site is set up but it might also give a response by using the IP address. Example, instead of, try using address).