ClickOnce for updating?


Hiya. I’ve already got a web-host, which I’ve been running a copy of Gallery. Recently, the Gallery maintainers released a secuity update, version 2.2.4.

I’ve got version 2.0.3, which was always easy to upgrade so long as it was 2.0.x to 2.0.y. Previous security updates would always have 2.0 update, but now that branch has seemingly been abandoned and I can’t work out how to upgrade to 2.2.4 without having to start over.

Someone on the gallery forums mentioned Dreamhost’s one-click install, saying that it will also do updates. This seems ideal as someone will have already worked out all the kinks and automated the process for me.

Has anyone used click-once to update some software and would like to share their experience please?

Many thanks, Bill P. Godfrey.


You can only One-Click update a pre-existing One-Click install.

You may just have to go through and manually update. Or start from scratch and use Gallery’s Import feature to grab your old gallery data. At least Gallery 2 makes it easy to update all its plugins and themes.



It is true that the one-click upgrades are great when they work (and they mostly work)!

The Gallery forums seem the obvious place to ask about upgrading from 2.0.3 to 2.2.4, but you already seem to have tried that with a disturbing lack of response.

When I get done with my big meetings this morning I’ll investigate a little further, but are you saying that there’s no upgrade path from 2.0.3 to any newer version?

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“You can only One-Click update a pre-existing One-Click install.”

That’s fine. My plan would be to start a One-Click installation of gallery on DH and import all my images from the old host. Finally replacing my old installation with a .htaccess redirect.

When the next update comes around, it would hopefully be just click the thing that DH supplies and let it do its thing.

I’m really just looking for some assurance that if the 2.2.x branch is abandoned in future, the One-Click people will sort out the upgrade.

Many thanks, Bill.


If it’s a major version upgrade, then don’t count on One-Click. PHPbb and Joomla just went through major upgrades, and the One-Click hasn’t caught up yet because those updates were pretty major. One-Click does a lot of work to retain your old work and custom plugins/settings/etc. that in these cases have changed significantly from the previous version.