Clearing published info?

I have a working website through Dreamhost. I would like to completely redo the website, using different names for the html pages and pics. How do I erase the current pages, since I am NOT replacing them with pages of the same name?

Thanks for any help!

Use an FTP client to access your site folder. I recommend you make a local backup of the entire folder (just in case!) and then delete the contents of the folder (not the folder itself).

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I hope I haven’t misunderstood what you mean, but you can simply log-in using your FTP client (or the Web-based FTP client) and delete the files and images, then upload the new content.


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Thank you for your quick answer!!! Duh… never thought of using FTP setup, but checked and there it is … the “erase file” command.

(Bowing to the Techie Gods!!)

I’d set up your new site in a subdomain for testing and then just change the hosting directory in the control panel. This would let you swap back in less than a minute.

“Delete” is such an ugly word.