Cleaner, More-Transparent Advertisement re VPS MYSQL


On the ‘Compare Our Products’ page, VPS is listed as ‘starting’ at $15 per month. But down below, it says you are also required to have at least shared hosting of mysql at $9.95/month.

Unfortunately, that means it’s not fully VPS, nor is it really $15/month. To get files hosted on VPS and shared mysql, you must spend no less than $15.00 + $9.95 per month or at least $24.95 per month or about $300 per year.

It’s also not made clear that more often than not, you’ll probably end up needing mysql vps which will not ever capable of being at the lowest tier ($15/month), but actually probably somewhere above that, closer to $20/month. Now, you’ll want to make sure your memory dynamically changes to handle traffic, so when it spikes, you’ll end up pushing your cost from files VPS higher.

In essense, you’re likely to end up spending at least $38/month (probably more) on a product that is advertised as $15/month. While the truth is there in the fine print, the pricing is misleading and seems designed to close a sale without thought for the outcome when budgets are blown.

Top that off with the fact that even with shared mysql, it’s not technically fully VPS. It’s a hybrid. That distinction is pretty muddy on this page and others.

I’d like to see this advertised in a cleaner, more transparent manner. If you’re going to be clean and green, DH, let’s do it on all levels.


This is no longer the case. Having a web VPS is now sufficient to get access to shared MySQL servers. I was under the impression that the documentation on our public site had been corrected to take this into account; I’ll be bringing this up with the appropriate people when I get back into work on Tuesday.

This is definitely not the case. About three quarters of our VPS MySQL customers are running quite comfortably at 300 MB.


I’m glad to hear that I am incorrect about what I said. For the parts that I got entirely wrong, allow me to apologize. But let me make sure I’m clear about what you’re saying:

  1. If I order VPS, it starts at $15/month, no extra hosting cost for shared mysql. So if I have just a few hobby sites, with almost no traffic, it’s likely to stick around $15/month. Is this correct?

  2. What if I start with shared and upgrade to VPS but want to manually transfer my sites. Am I paying for both shared file hosting and VPS until I have finished transferring from shared file hosting?

  3. For those with MYSQL VPS, I’m curious how many databases they usually have and what kind of traffic they generally get. Are we talking mostly hobby sites?

  4. Since files VPS is likely to be hosted in a different building, even a different city from MYSQL VPS, doesn’t that make this a hybrid VPS system? And shared MYSQL hosting tacked on to files VPS seems certainly to be a hybrid beast.

Thanks for looking into the documentation.


Don’t forget you still need to pay 119/yr for hosting on top of the VPS.

I recently submitted a ticket to support saying this is priced too high but it will be what it is.



Read andrewf above, that is no longer true…


The page I linked to still shows 9.95/month for shared mysql… I wonder why they haven’t changed that yet.


What did I miss?

I am still paying 15/mo for the VPS + 119/yr for hosting.


Perhaps the reason that has not yet been updated. This is the second thread in which I have seen andrewf has stated the change tho. The other place is here:


This is exactly the reason that I visited these forums.

I run a small hobby site with a CMS and forum, and usually have around 60-100 people browsing at any one time. My current shared host elsewhere just can’t handle this and I frequently get ‘too many connections’ errors, so I am looking at VPS. But, it’s non-critical and I don’t want to spend $100’s, so the $15 a month looks good.

But, now I am totally confused what I need. The comparrison table says $15 (starting, which I believe refers to the RAM size). Shared hosting gets - I assume - shared MySQL access with unlimited accounts. Going with VPS hosting…

Do I need to pay an extra $10 a month for any kind of MySQL?
And, if so, why is this extra when it is included in shared hosting packages?
And what does ‘shared hosting required’ mean?
Do I get shared hosting MySQL as standard?
If I want VPS MySQL do I pay the $9.95 a month and then add 5c per Mb bandwidth on top as well?

I just want to know what my monthly cost will be to run my site with MySQL as shared, and with MySQL as VPS.

I realise that I maybe missing something basic and showing my naivety, but it is a little confusing. (Also, the sales support email team were excellent, but I assume the office is now closed as I am in the UK and the time differences are not helping.)


I’ve got a reply from DH support. The reason I am still paying 119/yr for the hosting is that I am still hosting MySQL on the shared server. If I move MySQL to VPS, I don’t need to pay the 119/yr any more.

Hope this helps.


Thanks patricktan,

It does help.

My basic premise as the original poster is that this is false advertisement. Yes - apparently you must pay the $119/year (9.95/month) as well as the $15/month.

I’m hearing more corroboration than refutation.

I would like to see DH be more transparent and say it will cost no less than $25/month or $300/year (okay ‘$299’) to actually use VPS.


I have to agree with this. It took several emails backwards are forwards to work out the costs, and they they are not $15 per month for two reasons:

  • That I would need two accounts to run a site MySQL. If both of these are VPS, thats $30 per month.
  • The cost is also dependant on bandwidth with a minimum of $15 per month, and could be a lot more with higher bandwidth (as I understand it)



Already using shared hosting:
Files VPS: $15/month
shared mySQL : $9.95/month (You’re already paying this because you also have shared file hosting.)
Total: ~$25/month

Just starting out with DH:
Files VPS: $15/month
shared mySQL : $9.95/month
Total: ~$25/month

Upgrading to both Files VPS and mySQL VPS:
Files VPS: $15/month
mySQL VPS: $15/month
Total: ~$30/month [color=#FF6347]+[/color]

While it ‘starts’ at $15/month for each VPS service, if you’ve already got a lot of traffic, consider that your mySQL VPS is likely to be a bit higher than 300MB/month.

Incidentally, if you elect to continue with shared mySQL hosting, you should also be able to leave some of your sites (the quieter ones and those that don’t require special implementation) on regular shared files hosting.

I hope this helps.