Clean URL's

I’m trying to figure out exactly how to go about making clean url’s (ex. no extensions (.html)). Everyone keeps talking about editing my .htaccess file from the server, but when checking on my site hosted here, I do not have a .htaccess file. Am I supposed to make one? or is it hidden somewhere?


Clean URLs are usually about removing extra characters in a URL, such as question marks and equal signs:

If you want to hide extensions, which most people don’t bother with, here’s a link on the topic:

And here’s the wiki entry on .htaccess:

Thank you so much! Unfortunately, I cannot locate my .htaccess file. Do I have to create one? I’ve turned on show hidden files in CyberDuck, but I still don’t see one.

Then you probably don’t yet have one. When you create one, make sure you’re using a UNIX-compliant editor. It looks like CyberDuck doesn’t have one built in, but WebFTP from the panel does.

Should I make my own? or should I have one?

If I make it myself, is it just a plain text file named .htaccess with lines of code in it?

Make your own, and it’s a plain text file that looks like the examples given. If you’re using a Mac, TextWrangler is an excellent free text editor: