Clarification required from DH

Is it possible to have realchat software ( on any of the DH hosting plans.


I take a look at the realchat website. It says the program is done using applet. I do not see any problem to host applet here in DH because applet is portable and can be run in most of the servers.

However, I’ll suggest you to contact DH to clear your doubt.

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While I’m not a Dreamhost employee, I know enough to know that what is mentioned below which is in the system requirements of RealChat, will not fly on Dreamhost.

Persistent processes are killed off after 3 mins on Dreamhost so this is a no-go.

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Thanks nathan & shonky for your response.


ps: shonky if you don’t mind can you suggest me any other good hosting provider who can do this for me.

shonky is right. If the process uses too much resource, it will be killed by DH. This is to protect the reliability on a shared server. You may want to contact DH support or refer to wiki for more information.

I think the problem occurs on most of the shared servers. If you wanna host this kind of program, you may consider to have a dedicated server or look for a server provider which does not restrict heavy processes.

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May take a look at phpfreechat which will work fine on Dreamhost.

If you are looking for a Live Help type software, phpLive works great.

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