Clarification requested: "unlimited domains"?


I see, in the base plan description, a checkmark next to a phrase about, “unlimited domains”. Does this mean, one may sign up for ONE account and, under that ONE account, have more than ONE hosted domain?

The reason I ask, is this: I have four teeny websites. On the current host, three are parked. As you may imagine, this is not the best setup for SEO purposes! Nonetheless, the grand total disk space occupied for all four, is a mere 15% of what’s available, and the total traffic is a laughable fraction of the allowance.

The registrar is through a separate company.

While the host price is less than the cited Dreamhost plan, (it is $5.95 per month)…nonetheless, IF ONE Dreamhost account would serve for four independent domains (no parking) then I think it MIGHT be worthy of thought



Yes, I have 3 domains and 8 subdomains hosted under my one account.

Yep, you can fully host all four sites here, or park some and host some, or… :slight_smile:

That’s fine here too!

Yup, definitely worthy of thought.

Good luck and best wishes! Let us know if you have any other questions!

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They’re Dreamhost coupons!


You are correct. Once you have signed-up for a hosting plan (not to be confused with domain registration, of course) you are free to add as many hosting packages to your plan as you wish. I have dozens myself.

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(Wow, your answers were PROMPT!!! Thanks!)

Okay, now, I beg your kind and gracious tolerance: I am dull-witted! When you say, “add domains,” does this adding of domains incur a charge, say per domain, beyond the cost of the original account?



The DreamHost Control Panel allows you to “add domains”. This essentially means that a special folder is created in your “web space” where you put the we documents associated with the site you are adding. At the same time, email and site statistics services are configured that you can take advantage of. There is no limit to the number of these domains (or subdomains), and no additional fee is incurred.

You get one free domain registration, but subsequent domains incur the usual annual fees. There is no obligation to register domains with DreamHost, as that is a separate service.

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No charge for including any domains and subdomains. For your additional info, you can also have full control to setup your MX here if you decide to host your mail somewhere, say Google Apps.


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No, it doesn’t.