Claim a used domain

For more than a year ago that I have been looking for a domain that interests me, but I see that it is occupied by someone who has not linked any website in it. My question is whether it would be possible to claim this domain to the client who seems that not to be interested in the domain in order for the domain to be free and could be given real usefulness.

thanks a lot

Hello greyboy,

Thank you for contacting us for help!

I’m afraid we are not permitted to reveal customer contact information due to our privacy policy. However You may click the link to see the “Whois” search result and contact the owner by emailing them at the listed address
in the search for sale inquiry:

Matt C

If contacting them via whois information and making an offer isn’t successful, you could try to back order the domain. I actually lost a domain through another registrar once and back ordered it. It took 5 years to get it back but that was the best 20 bucks I ever spent for something web related. If you aren’t willing to wait (and hope) for the domain registration to drop, you do have the option of registering a similar domain name or one under a different tld, if available(i.e. instead of That is what I did when I initially lost the original domain.

Also, not everybody decides to make a website with their domain name. Some use it just for e-mail purposes, irc servers, etc. There are a lot of different uses other than a website really. I would recommend getting a similar domain name and moving on with your day. It could take years, if ever, to secure a certain domain name if it is taken by someone else.