CiviCRM and Joomla

I’m trying to install CiviCRM on Joomla and am running into some problems. The most recent thread in this forum on this topic is from 3 years ago.

I did the “private PHP” install Dreamhost tech support suggested so I have access to ZIP functionality within PHP scripts.
I also modified the max file upload size to 20MB (to accommodate the 10.3 MB CiviCRM package size).
Yet problems remain:
a) I’m unable to install from the “upload package file” option. After a brief delay I’m dumped back to the main admin home, no error, no install.
b) I unzip the file on my PC, FTP it to a folder on my dreamhost account and use Install From Directory option. That gives me several warnings and the following error:

c) Similarly using the Install from URL option pointing it to the CiviCRM download URL results in the same error above.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!


Got an answer on the CiviCRM forum. Tried the “alt” version that doesn’t need zip support and it worked fine.

Well… Upload Package File failed as it took longer than 30 seconds to unpack the file, but unzipping it myself on my PC and uploading it via the “install from directory” option worked just fine.