Circumventing the mysql upload limit?


I’m having a little problem getting my database fully uploaded. I’ve got pretty much everything except some image tables from photoshare totalling about 15mb. This is apparently above the limit for file uploads. I’ve tried using the “bigdump.php” file to upload it, but I can’t seem to get the whole thing in. It’s telling me:

Processing file: tianjinexpats.sql

Starting at the line: 1

Stopping at the line: 390

Queries performed (this session/total): 62/62

Total bytes processed: 15923571 (15550 KB)

Congratulations: End of file reached, assuming OK

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Start from the beginning (DROP the old tables before restarting)

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However, it’s still only uploading about 8 or 9 mbs of it. Any ideas what’s going on or how I can fix it?

you’re going above the php upload limit that’s about 7mb. You’ll have to upload the file via FTP and log in via ssh to issue the command. Check out the K-base or more infor on how to accomplish this.


Well, I did check out the kbase here:

And I must say that I wasn’t able to follow exactly what I need to do in order to get this up and running. If there is someone here who could explain to me in greater detail what I would need to do, in particular with ssh, which I’m not too familiar with, it would be greatly appreciated.

Ok, Start by logging into FTP. Upload your sql file to your home directory. That would be the folder you’re in when you first log in. You should see some directores like logs, maildir, and Just upload your sql file right there.

Next you’ll need to log into your server with ssh. In windows you can use Hyper Terminal, or download a program called putty. Doesn’t matter. Set up an IP connection to and log in. You’ll want to use the same user/pass as you used for FTP. If you’re getting errors loggin in, you’ll have to log into the panel > Users > Manage > edit the user and put a tick mark in for ssh connections.

Now you’ll type the command to put the data from the sql file into your database. Use the command from that K-base article you found. Just remember to change the command to reflect your database. As long as you don’t get any error messages, you should be good to go.

Hope this helps. Let me know if something’s not clear.