CI Host?

Saw a reference in the DreamHost blog about CI Host. Anyone have any experience with them to share (or any other web hosts, for that matter)? I can be reached at

Carmine DeMarco

The blog article you’re talking about didn’t exactly give a nice review of their “favorite competitor”. You’d be much better off finding a web-host-comparing-forum then posting in a forum populated mainly by dreamhost customers.

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I believe at one point, their name was completely banned from I used to read through there and never read a single good thing about them.

Almost any time they’re mentioned, it’s because they’re trying to sue someone or they’re getting sued by someone else. A google search for cihost lawsuit brings up 188 results, one of which was them getting sued by Microsoft.

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Yeah, I did some research on them after submitting that post. Eeek.


Seems that after being a customer for almost 7 years (and a dedicated server customer), DH now considers me a “troll” and my original post in this thread was inappropriate, so I guess we should discontinue the discussion. (You can also get an indication of why we asked the original question in the first place.)

From: DreamHost Customer Support Team []
Sent: Monday, July 03, 2006 5:54 PM
Subject: Message from support.

Please consider filling out our 15-second feedback form on this message!

Hello Carmine,

Please use the message board of your new perspective host to do your shopping. Even if you are unhappy with us you should not burn your bridges by trolling our message boards.


-----Original Message-----
From: Virtual Town Pages []
Sent: Monday, July 03, 2006 8:50 PM
To: 'DreamHost Customer Support Team’
Subject: RE: Message from support.

You felt compelled enough to write us about THAT?

Too bad you guys never got back to us that quickly when we were sinking back in May and needed SUPPORT.

You want to talk about burning bridges? We’ve been a customer of yours for over 6 years, and received not a single call from one of your owners --or anyone ELSE there for that matter – when we were having major difficulties back in May and calling out for help, Michael. DreamHost burned its bridges to us by turning a deaf ear.

Some way to treat a loyal, almost-7-year customer.

Carmine DeMarco

While I’m surprised they bothered to write to you about that, I think that many (most?) hosts would have quickly deleted your post and banned you. Not saying I have a problem with your post–just that a lot of people wouldn’t even let a trace of negativity exist on their own site.

Dreamhost, like everyone, has their problem here and there, but they’ve always seemed to let pretty much anything go here when it comes to complaining about them.

Other hosts have been mentioned here (even by me), so maybe they have a specific problem with CIH that hit a nerve? Dreamhost knows they’re not the only hosting business out there, but I doubt they’d even consider CIH competition.

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Are you a lawyer from New Jersey?


Opinions are my own views and not the views of DreamHost. :open_mouth:
Any advice offered by me should be acted upon at your own risk.

Hmm… It would seem to me that having been a DH customer for almost 7 years (and, therefore, probably an internet user for some amount of time greater than that), you would be aware that reposting of privately sent email has long been considered a significant breach of internet etiquette (netiquette). I don’t think “troll” is an accurate description, but I suppose it could be viewed that way.

I think Michael’s email to you was gentle enough; as a moderator he asked you to refrain from posting in a particular manner. He has the right to do that, as these are DreamHost’s forums, and it is proper they should manage them as they see fit. He was respectful of you in that he did it privately.

As the old saying goes, “No good deed goes unpunished”. Hey, you were unhappy with the service you got. Others have also been unhappy, and have said so in these forums without DreamHost “spanking” them. It sounds as if you have made a business decision to move on. Fair enough. Good luck with your new host, really!

But being frustrated with the way your account was managed is not sufficient justification for being disingenuous or vindictive with your postings here.


Yeah, they suck… :slight_smile:

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