Chrome phishing warning and Firefox not rendering after hack cleaned up

My site was hacked several months ago. I cleaned it up according to the very helpful instructions in the Wiki ( Dreamhost gave me an all-clear scan several weeks ago, and I requested a review from Google via their webmaster tools (which also show no security issues over the last 90 days). I’ve actually submitted that request 5 times in as many weeks, and had no response whatsoever.

My site still shows a “Phishing attack ahead” warning in Chrome, and Firefox won’t render my theme. I’m assuming these are related problems.

Any advice?

For the most help possible you should provide the domain name, or a link to the top level of the site. Watching the page not load thru a developer tool might tell a lot about what’s wrong. Most of us are just customers and can’t guess based on your forum login credentials the way a dreamhost employee might.

Thanks, LakeRat. I’ve added the url to the original post.

Did you try filing it here?

I don’t see any reason why the site would be flagged. It came up clean on a scan.

Thanks for your reply, Ipstenu. Yes, I’ve filed a request using that form many times over several weeks. I’ve never received any response.

The site was indeed attacked and used for phishing, several months ago, so I understand why they flagged it. I just don’t understand why they have failed to respond to my requests now that it’s fixed.

Does anyone have any idea what Google’s typical response is to a request for reconsideration via that form? Their documentation is quite vague on this point.

It’s been years since I went through this first hand, but it seems to me if you have the domain verified with googles webmaster tools you can request a manual crawl from the webmaster tools console. It seems to me that we think that action is what got us unflagged. YMMV, things change and it’s been awhile.

Thanks, LakeRat. Yup, I’ve had it recrawled too, about a week ago. Still no response.

Good times.