Choosing the Right Service/Plan



I have been with Dreamhost shared service since 2006 (I think.) My usage has grown in the past few years so I was considering moving up to a VPS or maybe even a dedicated server.

I was hoping someone could give me an idea as to what might be the best option for me. My primary usage is the MySQL site (my current cycle estimate is 79.78 MCn) and I’m thinking of actually adding a couple of personal sites that would be WordPress based. They probably won’t have a lot of traffic.

The thing that I want more than anything is for my MySQL connections to be faster and more efficient. I’ve not had any real issues with bandwidth or storage.

Anyway, I’m just curious if I should go with something like a 1000 MB VPS and try that, or splurge with dedicated, …or, would I do just as well to stay with shared (or VPS) …or, ?



If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!


It’s not broken, but it’s slow and I would like for it to be better/faster. The whole point of my question is to determine if anything I suggested would make webpages/sites that rely heavily upon MySQL run better/faster.


Investigate caching techniques that would be suitable for your current application.


what will increase your mysql speed the most is to have your own mysql server. i got a dedicated host and the default configuration is to still be using shared mysql. my apps were running doggone slow!! i was like WTF!? then i noticed there’s an option to migrate your databases to your own server. it’s automated and takes up to like 24 hours or something but i used it and it works. now pages are loading instantaneously.

you could get a vps and put just mysql server on that, that would probably be your cheapest option. continue to use shared hosting or whatever you’re using now, but have your databases on their own server, and everything will go faster. it may not even require that much memory, depending on how big your databases are and how many hits you’re getting per day. i’d put it on a vps and try running it that way for a week (since you get unlimited memory the first week) to see how much it’s going to cost you.