I was using the chmod utility on net2ftp. I entered 755 into the box and hit the checkmark icon, but it changed the permissions on my directory to 066, which is a problem since I can’t change them back now.

Can one of the admins send me a private message so I can get them to change the permissions back?

You’ll need to submit a support request through the panel. We’re all just users like you. If you’re a linux/unix user you can always use SSH to connect to your server and change the permissions directly with chmod - but I will warn you that you might be trying to change something that doesn’t belong to you or is managed by DH.

066 is just too weird on a directory though.

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Ah okay. I thought the DH folks ran these forums. And I tried SSH right away, but it didn’t work. Thanks though.

They run them, yes. But this isn’t an official support channel either (as is clearly stated before you enter) :wink:

If you own a file/directory, you’ll be able to CHMOD it even if you have it set to 000; changing it to 066 could not have caused you to lose FTP access to the directory.

WebFTP can sometimes be a bit flakey, though; check who owns the directory, and check whether you can CHMOD other files.
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