Well, i made a very stupid mistake when i was trying to give another user access to a folder inside of my website. Well, i had no clue what CHMOD did, but it was mentioned under Unix Groups, so i played around with it, and now i cant remember what the settings are supposed to be set to and everyone is locked out of my website. (

Can someone tell me what it needs to be set to?

Did you use numbers or letters to set your CHMOD?

From command line, it should be chmod -R u+r YOURDOMAIN.COM

This will recursively add read privileges to everything so the webserver should be able to read it.


No, the screen looks like this:

i just want it so that everythings set back to normal, and people can view my website freely.

A value of 644 should work for files and 755 for folders. Try not to give everone write permission unless a script needs to upload files etc. Owner can always have all 3 boxes checked.

My website

Thanks, but that’s not what im looking for. Please keep in mind that im very new at this, i don’t really know what a CHMOD is. I liked it before when I could jsut go to my FTP and browse around, and edit/add stuff. I can’t really do anything atm. I want my website to be completly unlocked so taht anybody can visit any of my pages… =\ so could you jsut tell me what boxes i need to have checked exactly, and what else i need to do in order to fix it? Lol, this might sound stupid, but simple instructions would be nice please. Thanks for taking the time to help me :slight_smile:

Nevermind, lol. I got it fixed. Thanks for the help :slight_smile: