ChMod & SSI


I am looking to have some SSI on my website, and have all the SSI text in another directory, is there any way I can protect that directory, so it cant be viewed by going to http://mysite/ssidirectotry/ but still be able for browsers to look at the file ?

If there is any way to do it with Chmod’ing or if not are there any other ways ?

An example, Some times if I look at a web site and I am in a few directorys down, i will remove the file name, and the last directory, and it will come up “You are not authorized to view this page” but if I go the next one up, it links (graphics) the the next directory (confusing ?)

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Mike Marriott

Put in .htaccess file

Options -IndexesAnd place that in the directory. This tells Apache not to show a directory listing. When you try to browse to the directory you’ll get the Forbidden error message instead. But you will still be able to browse to files within the directory.

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