Chmod on Backupserver?

I get an error saying I can’t chmod files on the backup server because it’s windows and not linux. So is there no way around this? I can’t delete or replace old files without changing the permissions…

I’m pretty sure it’s Linux. I’m able to chmod my files for my Backup User.

Or are you talking about your .snapshots directory? If so, then you can’t alter anything in there. It’s essentially Read-Only.

Speaking of that Backup User, initially, I was on the backup2 server. Without warning or notice, I’m on backup3. (I just checked Support History, and not a peep) Too bad I still can’t rsync.


Response from my support ticket:

"> It seems that I can’t change the permission for my files that are on the

[quote]backup server.
I’m trying to delete some old files or replace them with newer files and I’m
unable to.

How can I get around this?


You can’t. Bwah hah hah!

Well, there is one work around… I just switched all the permissions over to make sure your backup user has full ownership of your files and folders.