CHMOD help

I uploaded my IPB to DH yesterday. Although the install instructions said to a couple of CHMOD actions, I really don’t understand how to do this. I am using FileZilla as my FTP client. So, would someone please exlain how to make the following CHMODs changes?

cache - change to 0755
cache/skin_cache - change to 0755
conf_global.php - change to 0666
style_emoticons - change to 0755
style_images - change to 0755
uploads - change to 0777

Also, I will be the only person to have access to DH, phpMySQL admining. From what I understand these CHMODs are for permissions within these two ACPs. Is that correct? If so, then since I am the only one that will have access to these ACPs then do I need to do the CHMODs?

And if my understanding of the above is incorrect would someone please clarify for me?

thank you,

To make the CHMOD in file zilla, connect to your server. Then select the files or directores that the instructions say to change, right click > File Attributes. there’s a box there you can just fill in the 666 or 755 or whatever.

You’re not quite right about the purpose of the CHMODing the files. The server, and certin programs have to be able to access your files, and in some cases write to them. For instance when a user wants to log in and make changes to thie profiles, Apache (the web server) has to be able to read and write certin associated files. CHOMDing the files allows that kind of access - not access for other people.



thanks so much! And thank you for the clarification on the purpose of CHMODing.