Chmod help

Does anyone know how to chmod a folder and/or other files using FTP - without it changing all files to another (unwanted) permission?

When I set permissions for one folder, it changes permissions for all folders and their files too - and back and forth I go - never accomplishing setting different permissions for different folders and files.

Why does it do this - how can I install my script(s) if I can’t set permissions correctly?


I think you should be able to find a setting in your FTP client as to how it sets Chmod - if it effects only the folder, or everything under it. If not, you could make use of telnet / ssh. once you in the command would look soomehting like: “chmod 755 file.ext”


Log in via ssh and run these two commands. For the purpose of this example, I’m assuming you want directories to be 755 and files 644.

cd <directory you want to change files in> find . -type d | xargs chmod 755 find . -type f | xargs chmod 644 If you want to make .cgi files executable, do:

find . -type f *.cgi | xargs chmod 755 Adjust file extension as needed.

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Unfortunately I don’t know how to log in via ssh - I’ve always used FTP.

Additionally, my site, FTP access, email, etc with dreamhost has been down now for nearly two days - so, I’ve decided to take my business elsewhere to a different host - in fact I just purchased new hosting minutes ago.

In any event, thank you for your information.


grab a copy of PuTTY (just google it!) and log in similar to the way you would login using telnet and you will be good to go.


To do so would actually require a website host server that is up and running - and in my case, dreamhost seems to have died.

Thanks for your response though.


MIne were down too, for a bit, this morning (see, but are all back up now…yours may be coming back as everything reloads…

good luck!