Chmod 777 / 755 and Cube Cart

Am fairly new to DH, so be nice to me :slight_smile:

Have spent several hours searching knowledge base and fora on this issue, and can’t figure it out…

Am installing cube cart, but cannot get past the second screen of installation - /images/uploads/thumbs directory is required to be 777 - but I cannot set this from ftp, or find any reference to why I can’t change it.

There is a reference to suexec and cgi scripts - but this is nothing to do with scripts - it’s a pictures directory.

Interestingly /images/uploads is set to 777 - eh?

Can anyone provide a little enlightenment?



The user you are logged on as with FTP is probably different than the owner of that directory. If you set up a shell account in the Dreamhost control panel, you can navigate to that directory and see who the owner is:

ls -lYou have to be logged on as the owner or temporarily pull rank on the owner (sudo, su, or suexec is a mechanism for that) to change permissions.

Aha! It works from telnet.

But not from Cuteftp - apparently with the same userid. Looks like cuteFTP is the problem.



You are welcome! Glad it worked.

Just a tip, try to use ssh instead of telnet, much more secure.