Child does not look like Parent

I installed theme dkret3. Then I created a child by adding a folder to content/themes. I copied the style.css from dkret3 and added to the new folder. I edited the information in the copied style.css to include the line, Template: dkret3. I chose the child, named dkret3_child from themes on the dashboard and activated it. When I view the new site it looks completely different than dkret3. Fonts are different and placements are different, etc. From everything I have read, the style should be the same as the parent. Am I wrong???

In the style.css file in your child directory, remove all the remaining content below the commented headers and have the first line (after the commented header lines) as
@import url(’…/dkret3/style.css’);

You can overwrite and existing styles or create new style classes in your child css file.

[quote]Note on the @import rule (from codex)
There must be no other CSS rules above the @import rule. If you put other rules above it, it will be invalidated and the stylesheet of the parent will not be imported.[/quote]
That probably means, your import should be the first statement in your child theme (below the template header) and may be only one import allowed in the file.