Checking Webmail without DotCom Attachment

I hope that thread title is fine and understandable.

I moved my DotCom and hosting to a local in office server, but I want to be able to access the email I had on my DH hosting. Without having to switch Name servers everything. Is there a away?

You can access the mailserver directly. In the Panel, click on Account Access to get your Email server name. Then point your mail client to


I have checked for an Account Access but no such luck.

You can still access your old DreamHost e-mail account using our WebMail interface, just at a different address:

Simply enter your full email address and password and you’re in! This should only be used to view your old messages, as that’s all you can really do in there.

Also, a little more information about what Scott was talking about can might be helpful. You will need to grab one piece of information from your DreamHost Web Panel ( Log in and click on the “Account Status” link in the upper-right section of any page. Find “Your Email Server” and take note of the name there.

Then, when configuring your e-mail account in the e-mail software, you’ll need to use the following for your Incoming Mail Server: “” where “YOUREMAILSERVER” is the value you noted from the “Account Status” in your DreamHost Web Panel above.

–DreamHost Tech Support

Hey thanks, That hml did the job. I dont care for the email program way, but it is great info for the future, if I want to switch a client first to my server here, and then access their old emails later and transfer them using an email program.